Peace of Mind in a Digital World

Have more control over your online accounts with the only service that allows you to plan ahead for how to close them.

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An online presence is wider than you think

On average, a person has 4 online accounts and 5-6 social media accounts. Estate Pass resolves accounts for many service providers.

Protect the security of digital accounts

Reduce the chances of identity theft and fraud by ensuring accounts aren't left in limbo. Receive official confirmation that accounts are resolved.

Control your digital legacy

Have an influence in your loved one's digital presence. Ensure private information remains private, and choose what you memorialize publicly.

Gain peace of mind

Focus on what truly matters. Be reassured that your accounts will be resolved correctly by experts who know how to navigate the digital maze.

What People Are Saying

"The intense use of online accounts creates a huge amount of information. It becomes sentimental and has economic significance for those close to us when we die."
Yisrael E.
"Losing a child, you feel like part of your heart is torn out. We were family-oriented. We just wanted pictures (from his iPhone). We tried everything we could think of. We just had a hard time understanding, why wouldn’t Apple give us access to his phone."
John and Candy J.
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