Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Close Bank Accounts or Securities with Estate Pass?

Unfortunately, no. Our service is setup to help you close accounts that, in general, are unrelated to assets requiring a probate or that may name a beneficiary to close. If you are seeking to handle such accounts, please seek a qualified attorney in your local area.

Can You Help Me Access My Loved One's Online Account Or Get Information From Their Account?

At present, the general answer will be no. Due to the state of the laws across the United States, Estate Pass is unable to help with giving you access to any such accounts. Until such time as there is a uniform law across the States, this service is permitted to only help you close, or in some cases, memorialize, an account.

Can I Close or Transfer Airline Miles with Estate Pass?

The airlines have, for the most part, determined that airline miles end with the deceased and cannot be accessed or transferred by another. You are encouraged to contact the deceased's favorite airline to determine what, if anything, can be done, but our service is unable to help with that.

If I Can't Find the Information I Need to Close an Account, Can I Get a Refund?

Sometimes getting the right information is complicated, and we understand that. As a method of standardization, our policy on refunds is that we will pro-rate a refund for accounts ordered, but no information being provided by you, within 30 calendar days of having the order placed with us. After 30 calendar days of order date, we cannot offer a refund.

I Don't Have a Way to Provide You With a Digital Copy of the Information You're Requesting. What Can I Do?

We have found that easiest way to convert a physical form into a digital file is to go to your local UPS store; Staples/Office Depot/Office Max, or any other storefront that offers such services and to have them scan those documents for you. You can then have it saved to a disc or thumbdrive and be able to take it home from there, or have an assistant at one of these locations help you in uploading it directly once scanned. Be aware that some scan/copy machines will not scan/copy a death certificate. It may take a little trial and error to find one that will.

How Do I Validate My Email Address?

When you create an Estate Pass account or change your email address, Estate Pass sends you a confirmation email where you click a validation link to validate your email address; replying to this email does not validate your address. Validate your email address to gain access to Estate Pass features. If someone else breaks into your account, you may not be able to secure it unless you validate your email address beforehand. If you did not receive a validation email, verify your email address under your profile information. If the address is correct, your validation email was most likely filtered by anti-spam filters.