Why Estate Pass?

Planning ahead for what to do with online accounts can feel overwhelming, especially for something you're never truly prepared for.

Here's what people are saying about this issue, and how a service like Estate Pass can help.

"The intense use of online accounts creates a huge amount of information. It becomes sentimental and has economic significance for those close to us when we die."
Yisrael E.
"Losing a child, you feel like part of your heart is torn out. We were family-oriented. We just wanted pictures (from his iPhone). We tried everything we could think of. We just had a hard time understanding, why wouldn't Apple give us access to his phone."
John and Candy J.

Maria's Story

Maria C. tells us about her experience having to go through the process of figuring out how to handle a loved one's online accounts after his passing, and how a service like Estate Pass could have helped.

"Had I known that it would take that much time, I certainly would have to tried to be even more prepared for something we are never prepared for."
"The relief that a person could have if somebody else handled this is priceless."